A Personal Letter to You
from Our Co-Founder

I experienced my first yeast infection at the age of 16 and it was quite traumatic to say the least. I remember crying to Allisa in our high school's chapel, thinking I had caught a STI and lamenting over losing my virginity. Turns out it was just a severe yeast infection, and the first of many.

75% of women will get at least one infection in their lifetime, 5 - 8% of women will get them more than four times a year. I fell in the latter of the two. As I got older the frequency of my infections increased, eventually they became monthly. They were easily triggered and no amount of due diligence kept them at bay. Hyper vigilance became a necessity to maintain my comfort. I'd bring a tube on every vacation. I kept a tube in my overnight bags. I had some sort of yeast infection medication on hand at all times. I accepted that this was just an unfortunate side effect of having a vagina.

Shortly after giving birth to my son, I got a yeast infection that refused to go away. I tried every over-the-counter medication and natural home remedy but nothing. So, off I went to my doctor. Each time the infection flared back up we treated with a different medication; flagyl, clotrimazole, miconazole, and terconazole. The infections would calm down and seem to go away but then reappear a week later. I spent months in and out of that poor man's office breathing fire down his neck. A woman was suffering okay?

We exhausted every option we had and tried every idea that crossed our minds, alas I was placed on a last resort prevention plan. One suppository applicator full of medicated cream every few days, and flagyl pill once a week. Combat the yeast inside and out. Well, I'm pretty sure you know the result. The infection continued to flare back up.

Now. I'd like for us to pause and take a moment of silence for my sanity during that trying time because I had none, it was dead and gone...


Alright back to the story!

I was so stressed out. I didn't understand how I was supposed to just continue my life with my vagina a mess. My self-confidence plummeted and I felt disgusted with myself. I resolved to just become more educated on my vagina and how to properly care for her.

Three months into my prevention plan I created a remedy. I treated myself for 14 days and the infection went away. Guess what? It never came back. In fact, my vagina never felt SO good. I was in an absolute stupor! Was this the holy grail? I shared my discovery with close friends dealing with similar feminine issues and they saw the same improvements. This was IT.

Months later during a 14-hour drive home from Atlanta, Allisa and I were discussing vaginal health and all the crazy fads circulating. A lot of these fads were unsafe and scientifically-proven not to work (can you imagine a lady actually sustained second-degree burns from steaming?). It was apparent to both of us that the feminine care industry lacked a product that was truly safe and effective. At that moment it clicked, why don't we introduce my remedy to the world?

Fast forward many months and here I am today introducing you to Kitty Kapsules. A product I am proud to recommend to any woman suffering from feminine issues, that's looking for real change and real results. There's hope ladies.

Thank you for letting me share my little story with you. 

Lots of loveeee, 

Elise Marie <3

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