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Gentle pH-friendly feminine products to care for your Intimate Health.

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    Works great!

    After one use, unpleasant odour completely gone! Easy to use and no mess. Great tip about wearing a liner afterward; Definitely needed it

    Christina L.
    Really works

    After sex I will sometimes develop an odor, which I have been told is normal but I still find it embarrassing to pay a doctor to experience it too. This product is a godsend! The day after using it I am back to normal with no odor or irritation. It has saved me money & pride.

    Cherie M.

    Fantastic! I have had so many issues regarding the Mirena and it has help tremendously. Would highly recommend and purchase again. Fast shipping!

    Marlene C.

    What a great product! I always feel "off" after sex or my period, and this time it was rough. Not exactly a full blown yeast infection, but not exactly BV, just off, like something disrupted the balance and left a bit of an itch...ech. Luckily no smell, so figured light yeast infection. Plus I had just finished a round of antibiotics this year, so that made sense. So, I did the boric acid, ramped up to 50 billion a day probiotics, drank my greens to feed the herd and whew, that helped out greatly but left it feeling a little too clean lol. So In steps this beautiful insert! My goodness!! 5 minutes of it being in, it was sweet relief!! I think my and my girl said "ahhhhhh". Everything feels back to normal down there, clean as a whistle and ready for another month of action! Thank you gawd for this stuff! I ordered it by the boatload because it's excellent to keep on hand!

    Maureen E.

    I found this product after many years of problems with yeast infections. Many times I would take prescription medication for yeast infections as well as over the counter medicine and could not get rid of this problem. Almost every time I would have sex I would get one. When I got this I used it everyday for a week. After that I had no symptoms of an infection. Now I only use it after sex or if I start to feel irritation. This stuff works for me and nothing else has worked long term. I can't do without these.

    Kitty Kapsules

    Your vaginal environment is so delicate that almost anything can...

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  • Kitty Kapsules

    Your vaginal environment is so delicate that almost anything can throw off your Kitty’s pH value. Antibiotics and OTC medication...
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